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Return visits rule the web!

How to get people to return to your site

Return visits are defined in web analytics as a hit from a previous visit within a certain time frame. In general, a return visit happens within 30 days of the last visit from the same IP address. You can find a more detailed description here. return visit post image of laptop desk cup

5 Impressive Ways To Get Return Visits

  1. Create/Curate New Content
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Remarketing Campaign
  4. Contests
  5. Tell A Story

Why you need more repeat visits?

If you have tried to sell anything in your life, either online or off. You probably know: 99.99% of the time, people don't buy. No matter how great your offer, you'll need to show it several times before a purchase happens. It's a fact of life, your great offer is not being accepted on the first view. So, you have to get it in front of your prospect multiple times.

Get Return Visits By Creating Content

This is not an easy job but it's not a hard one Either you create content to bring back visitors and find new ones or your business fails. Let's follow up on this. Suppose you show your offer to 1000 random people just 1 time each. How many will buy it? Now consider if that audience has read your article about the offer and some came back for a second look. Your chances of purchase just went up. I know that a simplified example above. But, it's true, multiple exposures to your offer will increase the likelihood of purchase.

Emails Create Return Visits

I have 2 important words for email marketing, It Works! There are very sophisticated email campaigns outside the scope of this article. Indeed you can design funnels, campaigns, contests, challenges, etc. You can create this overtime. But first, get your list started today. Post a signup form on the sidebar or have it slide in or pop out on exit. Collect email addresses and names. Send everyone who signs up a digest of your weekly posts. I'm talking about sending 1 email a week with a summary of each fresh article you have written. Here how it works. I read an article and it's informative, just what I needed to get my thoughts focused and solve that annoying problem. I see a signup form or a slide in and decide it's worth giving up my email address and name for fresh content from this website. A great big vote of confidence for the website. Send me additional information. I immediately get a welcome email with some added value thank you for signing up. The email tells me about how often I'll be receiving emails and what to expect in them. Ok, I'm still with you. A few days later I get another email from my trusted friend, the website. It summarizes three articles written recently by you. I decide to take a minute to read one of the articles by clicking the appropriate link in the email. You just scored a return visit. If you want to start a basic email marketing campaign, I suggest MailChimp. With a free account, collect addresses and send blog updates. email marketing by mailchimp

Remarketing To Return Visitors

If you are doing any paid marketing then remarketing is the right choice for you. Basically, anyone who clicked your ad will be added to a list. These people have visited your website, some have even become customers. How about the rest? Why not ask them back? Show them other benefits they may have overlooked. Maybe even offer a discount. Remarketing, like email marketing, is about getting return visits to your website.

Contests To Get Repeat Visitors

Running a contest can be a great way to get people to return to your site and signup for follow up emails. After all, being in a contest I'm very interested in my position and what's happening with my winnings. Facebook is probably the best place to look for prospects to join your contest. With remarketing in place, you can target people on Facebook who have visited your site. Plus, you can target new prospects. It's a lot of potential for your business. And, you won't have to use paid advertising. But you will have to spend time getting your offer out. A personal tip: when it comes to advertising, you are going to spend money and time. If you don't have the time to advertise, you have to spend more money. Without advertising, your business will fail. Determine how much your time is worth in order to make informed decisions on your use of your time.

Telling A Story Invites Return Visits

People like me love Netflix because I love hearing stories about events I may never actually be involved in or things I would never try on my own. Also, I like how-to and do it yourself projects. I'm willing to wait weeks for the next season and aggressively watch episode after episode just to wait for the next season. Tell a story over a few posts about how you make cookies or why digital marketing isn't for everyone. The way you do chores, raise your children, or entertain your friends are unique to you. Best if your topics are related to your business in some way. But, most important is creating fresh content. What's more unique than your own voice? Add your comments below.


Return visits to your website are the most valuable to your business because people don't tend to purchase on the first impression. They need to see your offer multiple times. Some techniques to get people back to your site were worth talking about and I think the most effective is email marketing. But it all starts with creating content for your website. It's something I struggle with every day. It certainly has gotten easier since implementing a regular schedule and understanding that my business will fail without it. There are a hundred things that need to get done to maintain your business. Make content writing to get return visits the most important. Thank you for reading!

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