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How to get people to return to your site

Return visits are defined in web analytics as a hit from a previous visit within a certain time frame. In general, a return visit happens within 30 days of the last visit from the same IP address. You can find a more detailed description here. return visit post image of laptop desk cup

5 Impressive Ways To Get Return Visits

  1. Create/Curate New Content
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Remarketing Campaign
  4. Contests
  5. Tell A Story

The reason my custom events aren’t showing in real-time reporting

GTM command ignore puzzle The GTM command ignore error is probably one of the most frustrating situations in Google Tag Manager. This error isn’t displayed within the GTM framework. You can preview your tags and they will fire within the testing and debug console. Everything works fine except you don’t see the custom events in your real-time report. Here’s how to fix custom events not showing in real-time reports. (more…)

I noticed an abnormally high amount of direct traffic to my site.

direct traffic bots Why is my direct traffic so high? (more…)
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